CfP - Logic of Paradise

November 4-8, 2022 will take place in Varanasi, India, the 3rd edition of the World Congress on Logic and Religion (3rd WoCoLoR) 

Submissions are welcome. Deadline is July 31st. 

Paradise is a famous notion in many religions. It may have different names and may come with different related notions. As a substantive, it is considered as a location, but there is also the qualitative "paradisiacal", that applies to many situations and can be related to different states of mind. The aim of this workshop is to study the logical aspects of paradise and paradisiacality.

We invite submissions of contributed papers on topics related to these questions, including not restricted to:

  • Logical relations of paradise with similar, different or opposite locations, such as hell, purgatory, limbo, earth, heaven.
  • Aspects of the paradisiac mind (happiness, delightedness) and its logical relations with other psychic dispositions such as hope, fear, anger, confidence, joy.
  • Ways to reach paradise using logic to avoid illusions, misleading gurus, wrong behaviors and to develop good understanding, balancing emotions with the intellect.
  • The logical structure of the paradise: kinds of things and beings which are inside paradise (stones, rivers, seas, plants, trees, animals, humans, divine beings) and the relations between them.

Jean-Yves Beziau & Caroline Pires Ting
Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Doctor GarcíaDiego 78, Edificio B 304, Col. Doctores,
Delegación Cuauhtémoc, Distrito Federal, México, C.P. 06720
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